IQ Option vs Plus500

Online trading has become available decades ago and not it’s developing with a high speed all over the world. At the moment of appearance, the main difficulty was to learn how platform can be used and what offers can be useful, because there was no so big competitiveness on a market of financial instruments trading. Nowadays, it is not so complicated to study how the service works, but it is difficult to find the broker, who is worth for trust among diversity of others.

The simplest decision is to make a research in order to find leaders in the sphere and compare key offered characteristics of each other for taking a decision regarding partner to trade with.

Two representatives of TOP Global brokers – IQ Option and Plus500 will be reviewed below.

Plus500 was found in London more than ten years ago. The company is mainly focused in contracts for difference trading and prefers to develop in this direction. It’s interesting to know, that it’s client-oriented and allows users to write not only on service-desk in case of issues, but in social networks also.

IQ Option provide traders with access to international market since 2013. It is the European Company, that is registered in Sent Vincent and Grenadines and maintain account for more than 14 million users. It is mostly oriented on beginners and offers many benefits to their professional development, that will be described in more details below.

  1. Licenses, certifications, regulations

Plus500 is regulated by FCA, ISA, ASIC, MAS, CySEC. All of these are international authorities responsible for either operations with securities or compliance in financial operations.

IQ Option is regulated by CIF, as it is located at Cyprus, CySEC, MiFID, FSA.

Both brokers have appropriate licenses for operation on chosen markets with dependence of specific countries selected.

  1. Investment assets and available operations

As it was mentioned above, Plus500 is concentrated on contacts for difference trading. There are lots of options for CFD operations proposed by platform: foreign currencies, gold, oil, commodities, stocks, options, metals, funds, stocks, crypto and others.

But in fact, the only model that is used is classic buy-and-sell operations.

In a same time, IQ Option offers all of mentioned above plus digital and binary options, crypto currency multiples. Developers are continuously looking for new opportunities to present to permanent clients.

  1. Financial model

Talking about finances there should be reviewed several factors:

  • Operating currencies:

Plus500 offers to display balance in USD or EUR;

IQ Option – USD, EUR, RUB.

  • Entering balance thresholds:

Plus500 requires $100 to be replenished at the registration;

IQ Option allows to start from $10 or ₽300.

  • Operating thresholds:

Plus500 lets trader to deal starting from 0,5% of lot;

IQ Option allows to trader with minimal amount of $1 or ₽30.

  • Services to be used for operations with balance: both companies are working with banking cards, Skrill, PayPal. Additionally, IQ Option operates with WebMoney, Yandex.Money, FasaPay, Neteller, QIWI and so on.
  1. Additional benefits:

  • Types of accounts:

Plus500 – standard account and demonstrative one for trainings;

IQ Option: Standards, Pro, Demo, Islamic.

  • Trainings:

Plus500 has FAQ, that are in truth not so easy to refer;

IQ Options developed tutorial program, that includes FAQ, Video, Consultations.

  • Bonuses:

Plus500 had different offers for new users, anyway, the maximum amount to be accrued is $25;

There is lots of information about bonuses up to 100% on the first deposit in IQ Option platform, although respective information wasn’t found on official site of the broker.

  • Tournaments/Contests:

There is no any information regarding Contests providing by Plus500.

IQ Option regularly manage different Tournaments such as: Crazy (monthly basis), IQ Wars, Wall Street, Euro Tournament and so on.

  1. Supported devices

Both brokers have introduced applications for Windows, iOS, Mac, Android.

So now trading is available not only for any geolocations, but from any devices, including mobile phones, that allows to take required actions in case, when some unique information was obtained.


Plus500 and IQ Option are platforms, who have lots of experience and things to offer brokers.

Main parameters that describe Plus500 are: concentration of CFD (that is actually represents some limitation in available operations), interesting supporting of users via social networks, wide range of interface languages, significant amount of currency pairs.

IQ Option’s main features are considered: tutorial and personal consulting of newcomers (including tips, lectures, video lessons, service desk and so on), higher diversity of available operations (additionally to CFD trader is available to trade stocks, materials, binary and digital options), low financial thresholds and available currencies of balance shown.

What is the most important from listed above is decided by each person individually, but it is used to be a good sing the higher range of possible actions and opportunities in case trader wants to develop skills.

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