IQ Option vs eToro

Successful competitiveness strategy is grounded on data bases and innovation decisions implemented to activities. It allows not only save loyalty demonstrated from existing users, but to offer some unique options to future ones.

There are lots of information regarding best service and conditions and their providers.

What is true and what is just nice promise is hard to identify from the first sight.

Making of respective research will take at least 1000 hours, and may not bring desirable results.

Experienced traders don’t have any time for this, because prefer to spend it for earning real cash. Unexperienced ones will feel chaos and mess and obviously will require friendly advice, that have subjective opinion.

But can be helpful referring below for brief summary on comparison of brokers, who know secrets described in 1st paragraph – IQ Option and eToro.

  1. Reputation

Obviously, to penetrate market new brokers offer and promise too much benefits, while there are no any evidences to confirm is that true or not. Reputation, reviews, significant amount of loyal users,  laws/governmental/international structures regulating activity are essential for broker for feeling safe.

eToro have been introduced to traders in 2006, operates in over 100 countries all over the world providing services to 1,000 thousand users.

Younger IQ Option was launched in 2013, and for shorter in 2 times period of time got followers in amount exceeding 12,000 people. One of reasons on such results is constant winning of annual awards, related to binary options dealing, online trading, innovations and developments, and sometimes couple of listed above in a same year since 2014 year.

  1. Innovations and services

  • Popular tools

Currently eToto provides traders with comfortable option not yet existing on most platforms, helps save time, apply minimum risks and bring satisfactory results to users.

It comes down to the list of deals performed by successful traders for last time with referring to operation time, asset selected for investment, amount invested to it, and gains received.

Inputs used can be applied or “copied” by another users, so no additional analysis and researches performed and approximate level of gain is known.

IQ Option doesn’t offer such tools for now, but allows automatically stop deals in case of certain level of gain or losses occurred, continue dealing if favorable conditions are expected. Additionally, training account and other study materials are presented in appropriate section.

  • Couching

Speaking about couching, practicing on real account simulation is not the only option:

IQ Option composed lectures about analysis, usage of functions and applying strategies and proposes help of mentor, who is working as personal consultant presented on videos.

eToro created personal trading academy, with study materials, online lessons and periodic online webinars.

  • Distinguishing

eToro has a system with “metal” accounts from available bronze (the simplest) to VIP (premium). They’re distinguished with dependence on deposited costs, so as more was put on a balance, as better account trader has.

IQ Option cares of users by developing Standard, VIP and Islamic accounts. First one have no any privileging – trading by almost hundred assets, analytical tools, leverage, and so on. VIP account provides personal manager, increases profit rates, available leverage, increases speed of requests on withdrawals processing and gives access to exotic markets, for example in Africa.

  1. Approaches to be used

Same assets are used by presented in this article brokers. “All or nothing deals”, CFD, Cryptocurrency, Stock, Forex, commodities, metals, oil – aren’t the full lists of options to earn on. Regular updates are made to hold users attention and motivation to try new assets and strategies

  1. Enter & Exit

Decision for joining brokers platforms are influenced significantly by required amounts for using bronze/standard accounts.

The lowest one has IQ Option and, obviously, eToro has higher – 10 and 50 dollars respectively. Deals can be performed starting from one dollar (plus leverage if necessary) at IQ Option and 25 at eToro.

Withdrawals are fast, up to 3 days, and doesn’t hold any commissions, except times of wire transfers were used.

There could be additional criteria for each separate trader, who needs to look for better options. Somebody doesn’t need to study or require more deep understanding, that is provided, someone likes to trade not wide-spread assets that are provided by limited list of brokers.

Generally, among licensed partners key things to be considered are demo account to acknowledge settings of platform and get used to it, low starting capital, that allows to make choice without fair to lose it.

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